Thursday, 15 May 2014


Locke features Tom Hardy as Ivan Locke, a construction manager, who finds his life unraveling as he tries to fix a mistake he has made. The catch is that it all happens in ninety minutes of driving from Birmingham to London.

It's pretty obvious this movie is not for everyone. Without exception, this movie takes place in Lockes car, with a few establishing shots thrown in from time to time. If you decide to show this movie to someone, prepare them.

However, if you know what you're in for, this is an intense and memorable movie. The plot is simple and I don't want to spoil anything, because it lends itself perfectly to discover it while watching.

The whole movie obviously hinges on Tom Hardys performance. He is the only actor on screen interacting only on the phone. It is an impeccable performance, possibly his most memorable so far. His calm tone plays over his anxiety and as we get to know him better, we begin to see him cracking under the pressure.

The other actors in this movie completely phone it in and this might be the only movie in existence in which that is not a bad thing. Lockes coworker Donal, voiced by the brilliant Andrew Scott, lately of Sherlock fame as Mycroft Holmes, is a standout for me. Ruth Wilson as Lockes wife is also gripping.

This movie is very experimental and minimalistic obviously and it would not work if director Steven Knight did not manage to find the perfect late-night-drive look, using the streetlights and long stretching roads to create an atmosphere that puts you into the car with Ivan, making you feel his isolation. Part of the interesting making-of story of this movie is that the movie was filmed in one single take twice per night over the course of five nights and then edited together from the different camera angles used.

I loved this movie, the acting is amazing. However, if you are thinking of watching it, bear in mind that this is very much an arthouse movie. I do recommend watching it if you are into that kind of movie or at least interested, but you have been warned.

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