Saturday, 23 August 2014

Another Me

Tell me whatever you want... Littlefinger is behind this.

"Another Me" stars Sophie Turner in a mystery thriller about mysterious doppelgangers, mysterious dreams and mysterious voice-overs... Sophie Turner plays Fay, a teenager whose life starts to unravel shortly after her father (Rhys Ifans) gets diagnosed with MS.

If that sounds a bit sarcastic, that's because there are a few major flaws in it that work against it.

But first the good stuff. The atmosphere in this movie is amazing. It's dark, gothic and puts you in exactly the right mood. Most of the actors fit into their role admirably, sole exception being her rival for the role of Lady MacBeth in the school play, who lays the camp on thick.

Now for the problem... While the direction by spanish director Isabel Coixet is solid, but her screenplay is not. The opening narration can only be described as excruciating, leaving you to ask the question if this is going to continue through the whole movie. Luckily it doesn't, but that does nothing to save the movie from some appaling writing, especially the final act.

I actually had real hopes for this movie. Films like "Haunted Hill" and "The Conjuring" have shown what can happen when you apply some real acting talent to mystery or horror properties. Sophie Turner is perfectly cast in this role and Rhys Ifans does a great job, but the bad script makes this almost unwatchable at times.

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