Saturday, 23 August 2014

When Animals Dream

It's like "Drive" meets "Let Me In", but with less dialogue.

"When Animals Dream" is a Danish horror drama, a rare genre indeed. It stars young new actress Sonia Suhl as Marie, a girl finding out that she inherited her mothers disease, effectively making her turn into a werewolf. It also stars Lars Mikkelsen, lately of some "Sherlock" fame, where he played Magnusson, antagonist extraordinaire, as her father.

There are some wonderful things about this movie. It takes its sweet time getting to the point, but it also encourages the audience to put a lot of things together for itself in the process, which is to be encouraged. It also doesn't shy away from symbolism, using the werewolf tale to touch on things like coming-of-age, sexual awakening and repression and conservatism in small communities.

Still, this is clearly more of a niche property, not very interested in immersing you into an entertaining story. I always felt that the central point of any werewolf story is not knowing who the werewolf is, feeling the same suspicion the characters feel, and I stand by that. This is an interesting movie, but dramatically, there is not much there and the story stays very small throughout the movie.

Furthermore, this movies discerning quality is that it is slow. Dialogue scenes drag on for a very long time with hardly any lines. There is very little action in this and when there is it never feels especially exhilerating, certainly not enough to leave an impression that is worth the slow build up.

So, all in all, this is interesting, but really not for mass consumption. If you liked "Let Me In" or the original "Let the Right One in", you might see something in this.

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