Sunday, 9 November 2014

Outside Hollywood Episode 5 - Marvel vs. DC

It's time, guys. Finally, we tackle the big questions. Marvel vs. DC, who makes the better comic book movies? The two studios have announced their slate for the next years to come and there is a lot to talk about. What are we most excited for? Find out on the Outside Hollywood podcast.

We are also proud to present our new format. Yes, after a lot of consideration, between enjoying movie discussions so much and trying to keep the podcast under an hour, we just decided to split it, giving you about half an hour of discussion and about half an hour of news, reviews and recommendations. Today in the reviews section, Interstellar, dark thrillers, drama and an unlikely christmas movie. Listen Music - Listen Audio Files - Podcast #5 - DC vs. Marvel -... Music Hosting - Listen Audio Files - Podcast #5 - DC vs. Marvel -...

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