Sunday, 7 December 2014

Outside Hollywood Episode VII - Trailers & Marketing

Alright, time for a new episode of Outside Hollywood! This week, Cinemartian and I are looking at the marketing of movies. No, no, please stay, it's important to talk about this. Odds are, most of you base your choice of movies around the trailer, which is a bit problematic, because the companies that sell the movie are the ones who put the trailer together, not the people who actually make the movie. That often results in either a bad representation of a good movie, or a straight-up misleading trailer for a crap movie. This is why we want to take a closer look at trailers in general, what we look for in a good marketing campaign for a movie, and precisely why Spider-Man went so wrong.

In the review section, we take a look at the latest movie news, from Bond to the Suicide Squad, tell you about the movies we've seen recently and give some recommendations for movies that you can catch at the theatre or on DVD.

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