Friday, 16 January 2015

A short reaction to the Oscar nominations

So the Oscar nominations have been announced and I'm super excited to see who is going to be taking away statues this year. I'm not going to go into full detail, but there are a few things I would like to address.

First, very little appreciation for "Nightcrawler", which is a shame. If you've read my top ten list of last year's movies, you know that "Nightcrawler" took one of the top spots. With only eight out of ten possible nominations for best picture, I don't really see why it was left out. An almost even bigger shame is that once again Jake Gyllenhaal gave a transformative performance and is getting no credit from the academy. However, it's an undeniably strong category this year, so it didn't really come unexpected. And from what I'm hearing about "Selma", the Martin Luther King biopic, the omission of David Oyelowo seems to be much more controversial.

Second, "The LEGO Movie" got snubbed for best animated feature. In a category in which one out of four eligible movies get a nod, the Academy managed to leave out the one movie that most Oscar predictions actually handled as the big favourite. I watched it again tonight and it is simply an amazing movie with great style, a lot of fun and even more heart. Apart from all that, it also manages to perfectly capture the abstract concept that is "playing with LEGO's". This is probably the one thing I am most disappointed about.

It was not the only disappointment though, because Billy Boyd did not get nominated for his amazing contribution to the final "Hobbit" film, the original song "The last Goodbye". This song captured the feel of the whole "Middle-Earth" saga, and the journey of making it, so well that I had it on repeat for days. Them feels...
But at least "Everything is Awesome" got nominated, so that's my new favourite in this category.

Apart from that, I can only say that it's a really strong field this year and that I can't wait to see all of these movies. As I haven't seen any of the best picture nominees yet, I can't tell you who's my personal favourite right now, but I've got a feeling that "Whiplash" might end up there. I don't know if it will win, but by the way the awards season has been shaping up so far, it seems to be between "Birdman" and "Boyhood". We will have to wait and see, on the 22nd of February.

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