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My Top 10 most anticipated movies of 2015

2015 has finally come around, and from a film-nerd perspective, I can tell you that I’ve been waiting for this since 2013. There are so many upcoming movies that I want to see, it was really hard to limit it to ten films for this list, but hey, that’s the job. There is an improbable number of films that I want to give honourable mentions to, but instead, I’m just going to put them in a list at the end, so you can google them yourself. But now let’s get going.

Number 10: “Jurassic World”
I’ve been looking forward to this since I saw the first pictures. It would probably be higher up on my list, but the trailer didn’t blow my mind as much as others have. Doesn’t mean I’m not super excited about Chris Pratt riding with dinosaurs.
The plot sees Jurassic Park up and running for the first time. However, people are actually becoming bored by dinosaurs, so the people behind the park have actually taken it upon themselves to create a new attraction by genetically modifying known species into a new and smarter dinosaur… like that never goes wrong.

The trailer is right here and the film drops on June 11th.

Number 9: “Entourage”
This made my list probably based on the fact that I’m rewatching the series right now and it’s just so much fun. The trailer looks like they’re doing everything right so far. The chemistry between the crew is perfect and it’s simply fun to watch.
Not much is known about the plot except that Vincent Chase, after the end of the series, has turned to directing a movie for Ari Gold, now a big studio head. Apart from that, look forward to lots of shenanigans between Vince, E, Turtle and Drama. And a lot of furious screaming by Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold.

The film also comes out on June 11th and there's a trailer right here.

Number 8: “Ant-Man”
Being excited for a Marvel movie is kind of a given thing these days. Anyways, this film had a lot of problems getting to the screen, with Edgar Wright leaving the project. Still, I’m excited to see what they can bring to the cinematic universe and I can’t wait to see Michael Douglas doing a big blockbuster.
The plot follows Scott Lang (Paul Rudd), a professional thief, who has to plan a heist with the help of Hank Pym (Douglas), who gives him the Ant-Man suit. The suit enables Lang to shrink in size while keeping his normal strength.

Ant-Man comes out on July 23rd and there's an ant-sized trailer right here with a full sized one coming out in three days.

Number 7: “Birdman”
Everything I’ve heard about this sounds absolutely fascinating. A complete film made to look like a single shot, if that doesn’t sound interesting, what does? The trailer looks amazing and what I’m hearing Keaton and Norton are both at the top of their game and at the top of the Oscar conversation.
The plot is about an older actor who wants to reclaim some of his past glory by putting together a play on Broadway. However, the cornucopia of problems that comes with the project, including a problematic co-star played by Edward Norton, see him stress out and haunted by Birdman, the superhero role that made him famous.

The film comes out this month, on the 29th, and a trailer's over here.

Number 6: “Whiplash”
And another Oscar contender. Miles Teller is one of the most talented young actors at work these days and it looks like J.K. Simmons is given the role of a lifetime.
The film is about Andrew, a young Jazz-drummer who wants to be one of the greats. His break comes when he is discovered by Fletcher, a prestigious and respected teacher who is looking for a drummer for his band. But when he turns out to be extremely abusive, a psychological war between the two begins.

The film comes out February 19th and there's a trailer over here.

Number 5: “James Bond – Spectre”
“Skyfall” made a billion dollars at the box office, so it’s safe to say that Spectre has some expectations to meet. As a huge fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond, I am confident that they are going to deliver a great movie, especially with Andrew Scott and Christoph Waltz joining him.
The plot sees Bond go up against an old enemy, the terrorist organisation Spectre, which has given him so much grief in the past, then led by Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Will we see a new incarnation of Blofeld? No word on that so far, but if you’ve got Waltz, why not use him for that?

The film comes out over here on November 5th.

Number 4: “The Hateful Eight”
After lots of controversy about the leaked script, Quentin Tarantino luckily decided to go ahead and make the movie anyway. It sees him go back to the western genre and I could stop right there, because that’s all you need to know really.
Apart from that, word of mouth from people who have read the script is great, with the story following a group of travellers that get trapped in a cabin together by a storm. Sounds like a lot of opportunities for great dialogue…

The film sadly doesn't have a release date in Germany yet and the teaser trailer got pulled from the internet and is only available in bad quality.

Number 3: “Mad Max – Fury Road”
Have you seen the trailer? If not, click here. This movie was actually done a year ago or so, but when the studio saw it they liked it so much they gave director George Miller, who has directed the first three movies as well, more money in order to make the movie bigger. Mel Gibson, who is slightly problematic these days, is replaced by Tom Hardy, an actor who has a physical presence unlike anyone else, and he is joined by Charlize Theron who looks like a proper badass in this.
The effects look seriously amazing, with a great mix of CGI and practical effects and the plot is described as one gigantic car chase… count me in.

The film comes out over here on the 14th of May, two weeks after...

Number 2: “Avengers – Age of Ultron”

I’m not sure if I even have to sell you on this movie anymore. If you’re not into the Marvel Cinematic Universe by now, chances are you’ve either lived in a cave for the last years or you won’t get into it anymore. The fact is that the first Avengers film is either the best or the second best comic book movie of all time. And the sequel looks like it’s set to go bigger, better, darker and all the things that sequels do to leave the original in the dust.
 The film follows the Avengers dealing with a threat of their own making, Ulron, a sentient AI that was created by Tony Stark as a peace-keeping force, but went rogue and decided that the best way to keep the piece is to destroy humanity, you know, because we are not the most peaceful species.

The film comes out April 30th and the amazing trailer is right here.

Number 1: “Star Wars – The Force Awakens”
I haven’t watched the first trailer, I don’t want to know what it’s about, I just want to see this movie. The cast is filled with the most talented young actors and actresses the world has seen in the past few years and it’s helmed by J.J. Abrams, one of my favourite directors. Hell, as a kid, I was playing at being a Jedi, and all I had to go on were the shitty prequel movies. Now I know the original films and love them even more, so without even knowing what it’s going to be about, “The Force Awakens” beats out every other movie on this list.

This is the one that we have to wait for the longest. It comes out December 17th, and even though I don't want to watch it, the teaser is here.

So how about you, what movies are you excited for? Why don’t you tell me in the comments? And here is the promised list of honourable mentions. There are many more, but you have to stop somewhere.

Sea of Trees
In the Heart of the Sea
Jane Got a Gun
Still Alice
Kingsman: The Secret Service
Mission Impossible 5
American Sniper

Inside Out

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